MAKE IT A POINT TO CHECK THIS PAGE OFTEN! This is an active site so things change. When an update appears, it is in force already unless there is "will" in it. The date is the date that it was set for in my calendar. WHen a replacement is made, the folder it belongs in has also been updated and replaced

29 Dec. My plans to redo the mp3 folders here for New Years have hit a snag. For one thing, I have an advanced case of keratoconus. This is a mis-shaping of the cornea that leads to blindness. There is a cure: Corneal transplant. While not always successful, it usually is and can be redone and is usually redone periodically. For me, that will be done on 5 April 2011. By 1 July, I should be my natural horrid self. Also as part of making things better, I have a professional mpe editing program that does it all: Change formats between to wav and mp3, edit, normalise, remove excessively long gaps and a whole host of other things. Here is the drill. Turn all the mp3's to wav's, which will go from about 3 GB to about 20 using this tool, then reconvert them to mp3's and "give 'em da woiks". But the upgraded mp3's may need to be reloaded up here at a later date

MORE OF THE NEW REALITY: and this is bad news and good news. The bad news is that the browser in my YouTube Audio Capture has gone obsolete. I can, and still use it internally. The good news is that our web, Audio and Graphics software package, Over a dozen prgrams: 136 MB of go-power, gives you the tools to download-convert in one operation YouTube vids to mp3 audio, re-ID3 tag them using Properties to retag whole bunches of them for Album, Genre and Artist, then volume-equalize (level or normalise) them using both ID3 tag Replay Gain and add-on APEV tags. DO IT ALL IN FOUR STEPS! It's what I use. Now this means I am going to have to renovate Planet MP3, but it also means simplifying it.

NOTE: THE NEW REALITY: Recently Bravenet changed their FTP to an SFTP. The net result, I cna't bounce up those 300+ MB files. However, my FireFTP from FireFox lets me put up about 136 MB. Therefore I am going to have to restructure Planet MP3 from four folder zips to 12 or 16 with about 96 or 128 MB and add folders to keep the file size down. This is how I did it before and will take some re-arrangeing. I should have thid done by New Years. I really do not have many more songs to go before I stop adding. I'm at 664, I do not anticipate going over 700. I only have about 7 or 8 targeted and there may be a dozen occasional stragglers

9 November. Three more in. HER ROYAL MAJEST and PIN A MEDAL ON JOEY by James Darren and THE MEMORY OF YOU by the Ronettes NOTE: My webhost has changed their upload FTP and it does not work for me. I have gotten my own FTP client and must learn how to use it to upload large fiels . Until that time, I an unable to update folders That means you must take them as is and go to the New and Replacements page and get the update material. Hopefully this will be temporary.

6 November: Bravenet has changed its FTP procedures, so this has taken time to figure out. Got LIZZIE BORDEN BY THE cHAD MITCHELL TRIO. Correct version of THE TWIST. the other contemporary version of LOOK FOR A STAR. SPANISH HARLEM completes the Ben E King group,

20 July Better version of WILDWOOD DAYS by Bobby Rydell

2 July Made an interesting find. I picked up THAT STRANGER USED TO BE MY GIRL by Trade Martin, which I clearly remember from 1965 and put it in my Sixties folder (not here). Upon re-listeining to it, it sounded wrong. It sounds like it's from 1961 and I was certain that it was just based on that. I googled it up and found that it was first released in '62. I am very happy to put it here.

29 June Found a defect in BANDIT OF MY DREAMS in folder a2. Replaced with noew version. Since each folder is approaching a content of 165. I am contemplating another re-organization before the size exceeds the limit of uploadability. I will probably do that at 170 and break the content into 5 folders of 136 songs each

28 June For I don't know how long, I looked for a song called "Reach for a Star" with no luck. Today I tried LOOK FOR A STAR and found the two versions from 1960 The Dean Hawley one was too distorted but the Garry Miles is spot on and we have it here

27 June BEWARE THE BLOB from 1958
19 June Gee Whiz. Carla Thomas

17 June BEATNIK FLY finishes Johnny and the Hurricanes. LOSING YOU means I only need one more from Brenda Lee. Updated folders a1 and a2. Echoes is proceeding more slowly than I would like

1 May. The BIG REORGANIZATION HAS HAPPENED. I've abandoned the numbered folder method since it was becoming cumberson. the new world order works like this. There are two main downloads. Four song folders, I tried to put all the songs in one but it was no go, and auxiliary, which contains other material you need; including the link to the New and Replacemmnts page. That page is now empty, All new material is in the folders. Since I have upgraded the ID3 tags to mp3 player level for all material, YOU NEED TO GET ALL THE FOLDERS AS RPLACEMENTS FOR WHAT YOU HAVE, plus there is a new folder called originals. Postescripts, Timeless 25 and Doo Wop Classics are stable so the only thing you are apt to see for them is better replacement material. Also, in the main material better versions of JOHNNY GET ANGRY (Joanie Sommers), LET'S TWIST AGAIN (Chubby Checker) and i'M GONNA FORGET YOU (the Tiaras). IN THE WORKS: Echoes; The other side of Originals, Remakes of Satellite Era material, some by Satellite Era artists. (excluding the Beatles since their material, like TWIST AND SHOUT was done in that timeframe).. This should be here by the 15th


16 April. About the reorgaization. If I can find a dozen more Satellite Era songs, I'd be really stretching it. Therefore there will not be as much new material which probably means I can leave what I find on the new material page much longer. Since I will be abolishing all the numbered folders in favor of moving the SE material to the main folder, I will updated the main folder. Since it is such a bear (with over 650 songs at reorganization time) separate from the rest of the Starter kit since that is complete and will not change. this is something I will want to do very occasionally. My timeefram for this is quarterly if needed. Around 1 May I will do the dirty deed so if you go to "that page" it will be blank or, maybe have one or two new things with the next change of main folders in September. I am working on antoher album. This is to consist of earlier versions of familiar material done bo other artits before they were done by the persons who made them famous. LANA was done in '61 by the Velvets and it's as good as Orbison's and I'm thinking of doing an updated on it myself. HOUND DOG was done by Willie Mea "Big Mama" Thornton in '53. 1968's CARA MIA by Jay and the Americans dates back to the 1950's, 1981's BETTE DAVIS EYES by Kim Karnes was done much earlier. Whether I do the original material of Post-Satellite Era songs, I don't know, Another alternative is to make this an Before & After with reduxes of Satellite Era material. like Del Shannon's version of HANDY MAN, THE bEATLES' TWIST AND SHOUT and Smith's 1981 version of BABY IT'S YOU. That folder could go as high as 50 items. I haven't decided fully yet. I'm just collecting material. REORGANIZATION IN TWO WEEKS.

16 April. Just when I thought it was safe to stay away until the upcoming reorganization. I found I could use a song I very much wanted; Tommy Edwards' IT'S ALL IN THE GAME was in the proper timeframe. It was a hot hit. This being true I added PLEASE MR. SUN. I found an obscure little song from 1960. More obscure than Vigor Fisher's THINK OF HAPPINESS. In fact, so obscure it got totally by me. I've often wondered why the name Christine was never used in a song other than that KISS abomination, CHSITINE SIXTEEN. Well, I stumboled upon LITTLE CHRISTINE. Now, it's got a nice tune and I'm partial to the name but there's something bizarre about it, it seems to border on novelty and the way he sings it seems to either be a favorite uncle having fun with an 8 year old niece or pedophilia. I leave it to you.

26 Mar. I'll do that reorganization at the end of April. ( I could do it now but I want to havwe a good deal of lead-in time). The media tools package I put together is clean outtasite and will be up here as well. Also I'm putting more emphasis on portable mp3 players.Keep checking the new material page.

24 Mar. Foun dAS USUAL by Brenda Lee, which belongs in Postscript, I've put it both here and in a new version of Postscript. Also found IT'S UP TO YOU; Ricky Nesson, TRANSISTOR SISTER; Freddie Cannon and an obscure piec by Bo B Soxx and teh Blue Jeans, zIP-A-DEE-DOO-DAH.

23 Mar. Replacing in Timeless25, THE FLYING SAUCER with THE FLYING SAUCER PARTS 1 & 2. I finally got SIXTEEN REASONS by Connie Stevens. NOTE WELL: a big reorganization is coming up at the end of April. The organizing power of MEDIA MONKEY and Mp3 players has made unnecessary the use of many folder here. This means that I will be putting the main body of material here ("Satellite Era") in one folder and starting the cycle of "More" folders on That Page over. This will be a bear to download. There may be one or two more additions to Postscript to bring it to 25 (I'm looking for a decent recording of UNDER THE BOARDWALK) but the other folders are stable. I will go and tighten up the ID3 tags with respect to Artist. If you wish to sync to my usage, the Albums are Satellite Era, Doo Wop Classics, Timelss 25 and Postcript. All but Postscript have as a Genre "rocknroll". Postscript has "mixed" for my own purposes; to be sync-able to some of my other material. You can do what you want with that. You can batch-convert with AudioShell and batch volume level with MP3Gain, which are at Planet MP3 along with MEDIA MONKEY.

17 Mar. BIG STRIKE!! Four Classics!!! YAKITY YAK by the Coasters and HE WILL BREAK YOUR HEART by Jerry Butler and two by Bobby Darin: IRRESISTABLE YOU and THINGS. Plus a fuew rare finds OLD RIVERS a monster 1962 one-hit wonder by actor Walter Brennan, YOUR FRIENDS by Dee Clark and pEPINO THE ITALIAN MOUSE by Lou Monte; It can't get any better!

14 Mar. I've added THERE SHE GOES by Jerry Wallace. Also I've gotten an animated gif generator. This is significant since the only way to play material that I know of is by createing a page with an embaded link to the song file. What would come up would be a blank page while the song played. With an anigif I can create a display sucn as bubbles, fireworks of some kind or anything I want which will make something interesting to look at.

5 Mar. I'm getting tired of listing the new titles If I get new material, unless it's a real Wow like WHAT'D I SAY (hint) then I'll just say I go new stuff.

1 Mar POSTSCRIPTS is in, under TIMELESS 25 AND doo wop. I could only get 23 songs, If I get the other two, I'll put them on the updateds page. Completed the Gary US Bonds collection. Got LITTLE MISS STUCK UP from 1961 by the Playmates (their last I think) and I'M A HAPPY MAN by the Jive Five (OUR TRUE STORY). Made the first archive of update material, this will be updated with the later mateial as needed. If this is your first trip here, take it.

15 Feb I GOT THE BRISTOL STOMP BY THE DOVELLS!!!! Also Danny and the Juniors' 1961 very minor classic PONY EXPRESS

7 Feb I GOT GREEN ONIONS!!! Also two by Freddie Cannon. At the end of this month the material willbe put in a folder on that page to save space.

5 Feb Got a SanDisk Sansa Connect player for a decent price and the recommended media sync software MEDIA MONKEY Player, file converter, manager, external device sync/loader.

31 Jan Found a better version of LOVE YOU SO Ron Holden (Folder 12) and FORGET HIM, Bobby Rydell Also the second and last (mercifully) charting song by the Duo of Diabetes, Paul and Paul. I looked for it under GOOD LUCK TO PAUL AND PAULA. Actually it was titled YOUNG LOVERS and is here for the sake of completeness. Also MULTIPLICATION (Darin) and Presley'S RUEURN TO SENDER. Why a decent version of that just came up now, I don't know. I also found two rahter obscure ones. WHAT IS LOVE, the Playmates' follow-up to BEEP BEEP and a song that, pieces of which have been rattling around in my brain for half a century. LONELY FOR YOU by Gary Sites. At this rate, it's becoming better to just look here and check against what you have. I also saw the 1957 Playmates' JO ANN which I may add to either Timeless or Doo wop.

1 Jan 2010. Snagged KOOKIE LITLE PARADISE. This is the second song in two months for which I've had to put two different years. The first one is the first release date and the second is a second release date. This is not unheard of. The same was done with STAND BY ME (1961 and with the release of the movie of the same name), The other is PRETTY WOMAN (1960's and again with a recent movie). HANKY-PANKY was done in 1961 by the original Tommy James and the Shondells but did not see the light of day until 1966 after which they had to recreated the Shoncells. I remeber KOOKIE LITTLE PARADISE from late '58 but not from '60. I remember Chuck Berry's SCHOOL DAYS from '61 but not ihe original.

29 Dec. In the last 3 weeks, I managed to get 3 songs I've been looking for since way back when. MR. LONELY; The original by Buddy Grecco, AL CAPONE by Vigor Fisher. Back in '61, it sounded like 'Bigger Fisher". My search found nothing. Then, thinking the name might be "Vigger" which sounded Scandinavian, I tried that. Then while doing something else, I found a reference to "Vigor Fisher". then I tried "vigor fisher al capone" and that had been put up very recently. Finally, CLAP YOUR HANDS by... And here's the point. I never saw the nanme spelled out, so I thought that they took their name from an early 1960's guided missile: Bomarc. In fact, however, they were the Beau-Marks, so I spent almost a year shagging across YouTub looking under the wrong name and got straightened out by seeing a reference elswhere on YT. This happened with "FELICIA". What I'd been led to believe was "Ronnie and HIs Orbits" was "Bobby and his Orbits" and I walked into that one, too. T'sa bugger working from memories over 45 years old.

7 Dec. Moved the new material up to the site. It's ready. Now keep your eyes on new page since that will be th place to get new material at pretty much any time.

6 Dec. Added to Oldies but Goodies page ("OTHER" tab).Google links to guitar and keyboard chords and things. Learn to play the two basic rock instruments.

5 Dec. I have some new and replacement material. Here is what I will do on or about 10 Dec. Put in the new page. This page holds material in all categories. and has things in it already, movecompleted folder 30 up to the top,put in the fixed Timeless 25 folder, in shich I replaced a double and corrected an ID3 tag date and put thecurretnly avaioible andrepacement fixes to that folder. At least all the folders will be in order by Christmas [done, see 7 Dec].

27 Nov. The December updates to Planet Mp3 are in

25 Oct I had planned to switch to a 25 song per folder format but that proved to be impractical. Folder 28 is begun. Doo Wop Classics has 25 entries to match "Timeless 15". BEYOND THE SEA has been replaced by a better version. Since I cannot find a way to play a page without it displaying, I've decided to put a slide show or other dynamic graphic which is slowing me down horribly since I am looking for images from the timeframe under various categories. Finally, my computer and I have both come down with some kind of bug that's slowing us down. Over the next week, I will be adding a screenshot list of contents for each folder

15 Sept. Timeless 25 and Doo Wop Classics are in place. That finishes the ROOTS section of the downloads

1 Sept. Folder 26 will be full and moved to the full section and the final 5 songs put here in a zip file named 1_sept.zip

30 August. This operation is not going as fast as I would like. I have been otherwise occupied, unable to find the cool page displays I would like and each part takes longer than I planned.

20 August. Updated to download page with a replacement for Yogi.mp3 in 9.zip and on the page.

29 July. The New donwload section is open for business with at least 536 songs in zip files

18 July I have acqured over 500 songs. During the month of August, I will be rennovating this site to accommodated them. Many of thise are the same as are here but at lower bitrates and will be replaced. This will take time. My first job will be to set up the downloads. Barring some problems that section will be re-opend by 7 Aug. I plan to have the site redone by the end of August.The rest of the site, labelled "OTHER', will work as usual. Between now and 9 Aug, I would not bother with downloading mp2's. But don't worry, it's appearance will still be the same great 1950's/early 1960's graphic design and everything will work as it did before, only bigger and better. You'll know when we're working here, the VACATION notice will be up.

6 Apr. YouTube Audio Capture audio capter and file generator review
14 Mar. Replace the single mp3 oriented page with a larger more detailed set of two
6 Mar. Made a great discover. YouTube Audio Capture Don't cheap out, spend the fifteen bucks and get the full version. I've used it to download and convert enough material to do a second volume of 96 songs which will find their way here. You would be shocked at the amount of Satellite Era material is there. Does Frankie Avalon, The Crests and The Fleetwoods do it for you?

9 Jan '09: NEWSFLASH!! 11 Nov. Firstk, to all our vets: THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!! Added a new categor in the Activities section. It's sort of "the care and feeding of mp3's". It is gotten at by JUKEBOX/OTHER/LETS PARTICIPATE which, as time goes by, it seems will morph into a protal to pages with the actual material. It subsumes moch of the material in previous posts here.
11 Oct. CorrecteD errors in the download page and added the ID3 Tag data as a zip file
6 Oct. Found an ID3 tag editor that shows the tags on the tooltip and display/editing of this data in Properties. AudioShell. Getting a bit bogged down on the ID3 tag page
3 Oct. Put in the new download format of 16 track zip files of which there are 5 plus the starter kit consisting of the first 16 and other things. Am preparing the ID3 Tag sheet so that you can put in Title Artist and Year for each song according to how your media player does things. This ought to be ready by 10 Oct. and will be a downloadable zip of an html
28 Sep. Added a vid about the US satellite that started all of this
Mid September. I am starting to restructure the downlad system. This involves two things.

  1. Editing the ID3 tags. That's the "Artist...Title....Album...Year...Genre" stuff.
  2. Breaking the material up into smaller pieces so you can have somthing up and going in less than 2 hours, You can always get the rest later
1 Sep. Previous reference activity finished to 100% I got Audacity to make the mp3 file conversions and all is up here
19 August. An updated mp3disk download with Bobby Vee's RUBBER BALL and 4 Ral Donner songs and, if I can fish it out of my folder, an early Johnny Tillotson. I'm saving them tol Sept 1 because it will take a while to set things up and upload them and therefore would not be worth creating a small download zip file. However, I do have them here in the play area which means page 3 is active. 20 July. Added GUIDO & The DOOWOPPERS/Universal 7 radio.
15, June Redesigned Yearbook to be both an auto-play and a year-by-year researvh tool using image search so that you get both the music and pictures and a source of information access source. Now all I need is the auto-play software.
11, June We got a guestbook
8 June Removed Pillar-tunez (where I got Chuck Stevens' Rock'n'Roll oldies) as it is mostly very modern (still good, just not for here, I keep it for myself) and replaced it with Chuck's page and oldies radio station lists.
6 June, In our continueing drive to remain the #1 choice for the music of the Satellite Era, I found on the P.O.O.L roster several webisites that deal in oldies mostly of the period, including one featuring Chuck Stevens. DJ for the early 1960's WPAW 550 AM Pawtucket RI.
5 June Additional download material
16 May I've decided to spin this website off, which means, while it's still accessible from Space Patrol, I've given it a life of its own. I've put in the META tags that let the spiders and robots find and catalog this site so that you can have it separately. also, I've discovered that Nero enables you to make mp3 DVD's which will hold much more than just the mp3 CD and are usable in DVD players that support mp3. Now even the inexpensive Magnavox DVD players support both mp3 and jpeg/jpg. This makes possible an audio-visual DVD. I am starting a long term project called "Main Event [working title]" which will consist of a large set of mp3 files, at least 3 hours of music, and JPEG's that may end up being over 3 gigabytes, with about 24 hours of music. Its purpose is to act as the ambience for a "Satellite Era" party. Just chunk it into your DVD player and voili! instant 1961! You can use the computer for other things that I'm planning on putting in; just bring up the "OTHER' page. It's up to you to provide the hot dogs, soda, burgers, chips, pizza and Alka-Seltzer. Eat your heart out, Johnny Rocket! 13 May Added 4 new songs to the site and the download then removed some erroneous matierial and corrected the Song Count Because this is a long-term project, I am putting in this updtate page to inform you of new entries, changes and things underway.

7 September '07. Put in the Shirelles to finish Page 3 (the second and only one active at this time)


13, Feb '08: In case you don't think I'm up to something. I have Connie Francis. Gene Pitney and Some Everly Bothers material almost ready to go. All I need to do is get the order right on the Francis and Pitney material and get a few more Everly's cuts (I'm missing CATHY'S CLOWN, THAT'S OLD-FASHONED and STICK WITH ME to name some)

April 6.Added Connie Frances, The Everly Brothers and Gene Pitney. Added the INFO sheet at the top of each listing: about, pix, discograph, lyrics and fan activity.
BIG DOIN'S: I have found a way to set up the pages to look like jukebox displays without using images. Therefore, this site has been redrawn and re-organized this month.

24 April. Added 5 new Orbisions, including the much sought after LANA! And two to the Drifters