The roots of Space-O-Juke lie in the fact that there seems to be a concerted effort to ignore the pre-Beatles era. So much so that I've been starved for real "oldies" music. The final straw was in 2007 When Ron Dwyer, DJ for "Cool 102"'s Saturday night Class Reunion cut the number of pre-'64 pieces from about 15 to about 2 per night after raving, not four months earlier, about the "great material" of the summer of 1962. I then decided that If I wanted this stuff, I'll need to do it myself. Given the way that mp3's are becomming ubuquitous, I decided to make a "Super CD" of the mateial. This is the result of that project. With an mp3 file size of around 4 MB and a capacity of 700 MB, a single disk can hold about 5 hours of music--It's all good.

This is a new site, there is not much in it yet, I hope to make it grow. As it grows, it will be organized in several ways:

  1. CHONOLGICALLY: Not qute by year as many songs bridged the end of one year and the beginning of another, such as Running Bear
  2. BY ARTIST: You will get a page of the songs by one or more artist as a group. All the Orbison will be in one group, all the Drifters in another. Ditto the Shirelles and Connie Frances, etc.
  3. AUTO-PLAY: If I can get the software that plays them in groups of maybe a doze or so, all of them (a good 5+ hours when I get all that I want) or by performer.
One must realize that, at this time, there is a practical limit of about 700 MB which is the largest mp3 CD that I can find but that is about 198 songs which allows for about 35 per year with some having more and some having less. This is a large site of over 700MB so it may take time to load the pages. Nor by any means does this do a complete lsting of the artists. I wanted to have as many artists represented here as I could so I had to be selective. Therefore I picked the ones that I liked the most from each artist where I could get the material. Right now,of the actaul "play" buttons, only the second "PAGE 1" works. However, in my work folder I have a "space-O-Juke II" gif" in case I need to make a second disk. and am willing to push the size of this site to 1.5 GB (I have 30 GB to play with and havent even gotten to the 1 GB mark as of 6 September 07). You will be getting the stuff I choose for myself so you know it'll be my best.

Some time ago, I had a Yahoo group called 1961 Rules! just for the discussion of this kind of thing. It died for lack of use. I'd love to start it up again.