The mission of Space-O-Juke is simple: To present the music from the period beginnign in late 1958 to middle 1963 and some of the relevent earlier mateial.

the context, however, is not so simple, nore the ramifications.

I undertook this mission because I was starved for the material of this period and wanted as much as I could get of it for my own. From there, I decided to put it in the kind of site I would like to visit

the upshot was more far-reaching than I had planned. It includes:

The net result is a neat retro package that grew far beyond it's intended scope. This is a natural for Space Patrol since many Space Patrollers and Cadets were teenages during this period and this was their music.

NOTE: Do not download each of the songs as you play them. There's a better way to get them which I discuss later.