References on Google were almost as non-existent for this artist as for the Tiaras and the Bomarcs. He held court from about March to November of 1960 with "Handyman", Good Timin'" and "I Told You So" and then fell off the radar

However two things should have gotten him better treatment than he got. "Handyman" and "Good Timin'" were huge hits. Both redon later on. "Good Timin" was redone in the spring of '63 by Ky Sokamoto of "Sukyaki" fame and "Handyman" was covered by Del Shannon and James Taylor. The interesting part is that for some reason they both get the second line wrong. Del does it as "Because of what I'm puttin' down" and Taylor sings "Listen to what I'm puttin' down". It's "Pck up on what I'm puttin' down".

It's possible that his short lifespan as a charting singer was due to the fact that his songs were semi-novelty. "I Told You So" didn't move the needle.